Shabazz Palaces - Dawn In Luxor (2014)

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Shabazz Palaces - Dawn In Luxor lyrics

The light hath named you
Just like the heavens and the stars
Reclaim us
To further along the spaceways

Yeah that they blast
Languages of dances
When they gold as dawn
For ???

The whips whip up fast to slice the air it’s flashy
Gilded pharaohs, they’re moving when I’m strapped up

With our chains
And our wings
With our queens

From out the water’s wall
From Luxor to heavens in the sprawl
Cheetah waves clash against the glistening purple cliffs
Eurhythmic, a phasing shift
The ships that came from Kush
Now they're aimed on a collision
Stare with this image being witnessed
Consistent: Now that’s the comfort of the uninventive
But at protect and exalt we keep up in it till its finished


Meet us there
We're throwing cocktails at the Führer
Blackness is abstracted and protracted by the purest
Moderns Cubists or Surrealists
To sleep they couldn’t lull us so we synthesise our realness
[Killers. You put them.]

The HQ, so plushiously appointed it's a crime
Forego the conclusions just to find ourself inside
Hear sounds pour like golden lakes of time
Through satellites important cause of Rupert Neve Designs
A fate swift touching simply sonic wealth
A lesser rapper must content with lying to himself
Complying to his master’s signs
A burden’s lifted that bitch shit is never here endeavoured
This is protect & exalt

Sent at you miscreants
Death, that’s my final sentence
Glitter (gold)
Glitter (gold)
Glitter (gold)
Glitter (gold)
Secrets of gIitter, and gold, there’ll always be a difference
This that protect & exalt