Sha Stimuli - Volume (2012)

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Sha Stimuli - Volume lyrics

Dear Stimuli Good morning
I don’t know if you hear your life calling
Last night you was sleep at eleven
Now it’s eight twenty seven your ass is still snoring
Folks ask for songs and you stalling
Last rhymes you wrote were real boring
You be talking bout God, doing joints for the broads
What happened Sherod you’re not touring? Huh
Are you giving it up?
In 06 you would live in the club
In 07 you was spitting it tough
In 08 dropping shit every month
In 09 you was getting a buzz
But right now you chilling
What? You in pain
‘Cause Kampane died
And it’s heavy on your brain?
Mad ‘cause you put in so much time in the game
And you still do shows and they don’t know your name?
You upset?
You depressed?
What you think, your career’s been a test?
What you thought, it was ‘sposed to be easy
That people should see that your flow is the best
‘Cause you speak on life
Talk about death, bleed on beats and it’s not for a check
Bars you release they be hard to receive
Like the Garden of Eden when God blew breath
Do you know why you’re here?
Can you even understand His plan?
You think it’s all about flows, songs, hoes, broads
Trying to get fans
There’s folks out here that can’t even stand
That sleep on the street, living on land
Everybody talking ‘bout marketing brands
What about the heart of a man?
They compare you to Sky
Compare you to Sai
Hip-hop awards never there, tell me why
Maybe you’re done and preparing to die
Man up is that a tear in your eye
All that you want
Is right in your reach
You’re writing is deep
They like when you sleep
Rest, sound real weak
Yea they smile at the sight of defeat
But they get tight when you start throwing heat
And you dead competition
Putting life on a beat
Yea some say that you nice in the streets
But I don’t really see too many nice people eat dog
Fight like it’s beef
When they bite pull they teeth
Do everything you didn’t do on My Soul To Keep then, then
They’ll fall like the season
You do songs for a reason
You don’t just beast, well you beast but
You mix in teachings
They critique it but who’s gonna reach ‘em if not you
Cats call you out, said you couldn’t hang with Slaughtahouse
They don’t see what it’s all about
You don’t wanna be in Slaughtahouse
You want a family, you want a house
You want kids, cars and a gorgeous spouse
Get mad if you wanna shout so they hear you
Just turn up now and don’t let ‘em ever turn you down
They gon tell you that you can’t, won’t, try to convince you
That you’re wack, broke, get in your mental
But you can’t fold
Never back down
Volume on ten
I ain't turning back down
Last year waterboy
Quarterback now
I’m starting at the point guard
You get the point God