Sha Stimuli - Angels & Demons (2012)

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Sha Stimuli - Angels & Demons lyrics

[Hook x2]
I got these angels on my shoulder
I got these angels on my shoulder
I got these angels on my shoulder
But these demons keep on talking and they're trying to win me over

[Verse 1]
See, I wake up with the voice in my head that says God's watching
Studied scriptures and even skimmed through Allah's doctrine
Minutes later I'm thinking of killing haters
And ways to bring in some paper so having faith is a hard option
My moms told me that praying will get me far in life
And anytime it gets hectic just give your heart to Christ
But I don't know if the Lord can help my bars get tight
Or make the fans think I'm a star that's nice, I'm an artist writing
Real shit, real feelings, angels in my ear
Like, "Do better, be better, pick a new career
Maybe teacher, preacher, counselor, physicist, engineer
Someone doing things with meaning for people" but then I hear
These demons with the horns like, "Rap, rhyme, spit it
Do a song with a dance, talk about the slutty bitches
Put half-naked chicks in the video, pour liquor
On they asses throw some stacks at the camera and yell, 'nigga, nigga, nigga
I'm ill, I'm getting it, fuck school'
Sell drugs, get a buzz, rock some shiny fake jewels"
But the angels come back screaming, "Make smart cool
Put depth in your music, reach the youngest, dumbest fools
While you kill it over beats and they sleeping, you break the rules
And have them thinking while they smoking and drinking and gripping tools"
And I choose the darkside
Sort of like Tre and Doughboy in that car ride
And then I shout "Dough let me out!" knowing that this is wrong
I'm conflicted in my life and in my songs
Y'all don't hear me, I'm knowing that this is wrong
I'm conflicted in my life and in my songs

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Got me thinking bank robbery, Obama I need change
I envision car jacking this old man in the Range
Angels: "Work hard at your craft and deal with the pain
Everyday ain't always sunny, you want to just make it rain"
Demons: "Sha look at how long you been in the game
Ain't nobody trying to hear what you yapping, you sound lame
You ain't shooting, you ain't selling, you ain't balling you're the same
Dude rapping about your raps in your raps, then you complain"
Damn, but the angels start to whisper
"Wife up a queen," then the demons tell me dis her
The soldiers with the wings say lift brothers and sisters
But the creatures with the tails say get money consistent
Angels say, "God's son showed you the path"
Demons say, "The savior was hated until he passed
Sha you was born broke, parents called you accident
Jesus got gold and a holiday named after him"
Angels want me Christian or Catholic with wife and kids
Demons want me flipping bricks, getting clapped, or doing a bid
Angels: "Forget the whores and the groupies, the music biz"
Demons: "Thinking small, you'll never be Pac or Big stupid"

[Hook x2]