Sforzando - Scurvy Sea Dogs lyrics

39 stripes on a man's bare back.
Spawn of the devil! Haul in the slack!
39 stripes on a man's bare back.
Sound of the fiddle and the lash man's crack.
Grimy lowlife. Scumbag. Thug.
Curse the stain and curse the grub.
Filthy thieving salty stod.
mongrel bastard scurvy dog.
Dragged on to the quarterdeck,
Hempen rope around his neck.
Sea dog Morgan sprayed the brig, and
Spent the night tied to the rig.
Pit Bull Blotto, scumbag nark,
I ate his lips to stop his bark.
Mangy dog of bastard stock
(swam with the fish and a concrete block).
Dance on the knife, and sweat to the sound,
floggers strip their flesh by the pound.
Howl to the wind and howl to the moon!
Rogues will sing this bloody tune