Sforzando - I Was Born On A Pirate Ship lyrics

I was born on a pirate ship. I was weaned from a mermaid's tit.
Her milk was like rum, thus I've become a pirate boy from the sea,
My eyes are like Ocean, my heart's in the sea, And though I'm on a land I know deep inside
That the waves roll through me. And so I go walking, past the 'scrapers and factories amidst,
they speak of a world that is noble and true - It's a world I wouldn't miss.
But just a hint of the ocean breeze can uplift the spirit in me.
For the scent of the salt and the tides and the waves sing a million songs up to me.
For I am a pirate, I'm angry but sure: Where the waves crash, my spirit will roar, and
When you examine the roar of the waves, well know that's the sound of the blood in my veins.
For I'm a pirate that's born at sea. Out in the ocean is where I must be.
Though I'm on land and part of your world, My heart is out at sea.
Where does it start in me, and where does it end? Who is the pirate and who is the kid?
Or are they both the same? So pass me a rum old friend as I pass you by,
I'm a new fashioned pirate in an old fashioned world, and
I'm struggling to get by.

You can take all my treasure and rattle my bones,
You can nail me to land in your streets and your homes,
You can rip me to shreds through the night, into day,
But there's one thing I've got that you can't take away - that
I was born on a pirate ship.