Sexy Sadie - Forever Is Longer Than The Universe Itself lyrics

She came by in a spacesuit from a long distance star
She woke up in a dry lake full of dust and bones
She flew a long way tos ask me if we need any cure
She came along ... and I told her I wasn´t sure

She said: "Forever is longer than the universe itself"

Her beauty was in abstracting thoughts we´ve never known
In these days nothing cost more than information gone
We are lost and found in commitment to a truly human world
She said so ... and I told her, we were not pure

She said: "Forever is longer than the universe itself"

She´s the queen of the dark lights
She´s on her new spaceship
And she´s all that anyone could want to be
The world is more full of weeping than the bluest sea
But she suffers for the mistakes we´ve made before