Sewing With Nancie - The Lesson lyrics

Now that you've earned yourself a melody I'll sing it
out in stereo; you can hear it better. How far will
you go to be so fresh and cold? I heard you were
dramatic, well I can add to this. Here goes nothing.
Remember what you said about our friendship: "It isn't
just a friendship, it means we're friends 'till the
end" See, the end was months ago. I wish I could
have been there. I like to tell myself that. You know
Im not afraid of reality because I breathe it
everyday. It's not a movie. These bones are not
afraid to be broken for my friends because I care
about them without limits or ends. With that said:
Youre in a rush, I can see this. Well you can run, I
will crawl. I thought I'd seen it all. Will it be
there when you fall? Because this filter is the last
one of them all. This fall I'm realizing I'm not so
tall for you. After the dust has settled, after the
blood of friendship has been shed. I'm going to rise
up like an elevator. Take this from my heart and bury
deep inside your head.