Severd - Ups And Downs lyrics

Verse 1:
Dangling by a single thread soon I will have
To let go. Slowly i will hit rock bottom then I'll pick
Myself up again. You can't have happiness if you never
Have miserable times. No pain, no gain, they all declare,
How intelligent they must be...

I must abide, like everyone,
The pain, the sorrow, the hurting, in order to
Experience the good, the joy, the contentment.

Life will always have ups and downs,
Its many smiles, and then its frowns in times like now,
You must get through to see the light, so tried and true.
Never forget the world around, its constant sun and stable ground,
Reminders that life is secure. But stay prepared you must endure.

Verse Two:
I feel my head hanging low, a weight so heavy and immense I'm
Determined to pick it up to see the long road before me. Desperation
And misery can limit dreams once unforeseen, as you struggle to leave your pain, as you pray your hope and ambition will linger on.

(Chorus x2)