Seventh Star - Everyday lyrics

Everyday we stand to fight. We gotta last just one more night. tearing down these walls of hate. Carrying each others weight. Of the same mind, of the same heart. Nothing here can tear us apart. Persecution and trials may come, but the battles already been won. Standing together, side by side for the ONE who was crucified. United as one through CHRIST, by HIS blood we will survive. When this world attacks, stay on track. I'm your brother, I've got your back. Never lose heart. Holding close through the long-suffering, thick as blood is the bond that ties us. Our lives are one. No ones better. no ones worse. Separation has been our curse. No ones better, no ones worse. Tear down these walls, our lives our one. Destroy your pride. Discard your hate. Tear down these walls our lives our one.