Seventh Avenue - Just Believe lyrics

Where is the promised land
Where is the way
Turn everything away
What is right to do
Where we have to go
You can say yes or no
Who counts the time
What's the reason
Of all death and decay
You have some goals to reach
Realize your dreams
Go along your way
And you'll get a better world

Just believe, just believe me
We've got to reach some goals together
Let it shine on your life
Let the love begin again
Just believe, just believe me
Remember the moments of love
Time to go, time to say
How you think and how you feel

There are so many ways to go along
I want to say: you be tough and strong
It's not always like it seems
We always have time for our dreams
I say: Just believe me

What makes us blind
And why we have to fight?
All the love is gone
Where are the friends
Who tell the truth?
Why it's hard to say what you feel?
We can fly over mountains
And follow our dreams
We can try it again
And use our second chance



Don't let the feeling die
And never say goodbye
One more chance
One more time
To think about a change