Seventh Angel - Katie lyrics

Born into a world of hate
Cast out, by the hands of vanity
Body, twisted, a wall of pain
Jesus save me from this dying humanity [x2]

(Her) existence a gift bestowed by the nail pierced hands
(The) struggles never ending, haunting her every breath
(Her) witness a rose in a cold and desolate land
(Her) faith so strong, defying death.

A hurting blemished infancy wrought with affliction scars
(Her) strength, tower divine, (A) comfort to never cease
(Her) love a river of hope, pulling down the prison bars
(The) fear a distant voice, taken by the prince of peace.

Now is the time, my Lord does call
To walk with him throughout eternity
The Son of God has given all
Releasing me from the grip of my infirmity

The heavens are opening wide
My Saviour stands at my side
My form is tortured no more
His Blood, my body, restored.