Seven Storey Mountain - Waste Of Time lyrics

And you take it in. with your eyes open wide. as it's etched on your brain. educational or a big waste of time. i think the latter's what you'll gain. absorbing every drop. whether you like it or not. not an ounce of refrain. just a useless toy occupying your time. it's just a tool for your demise. among the talking heads you dwell. but the world still turns. with or without the coverage via satellite. it's like you're begging to stand in line. but you can't even see the front of it. it's only getting longer. you're wasting my time. you're a waste of my time. short attention span. they've got what you need. just plug yourself in. faster all the time. how fast do we need. ever sweeter is sweet sin. in a marching band but you've got nothing to play. they're playing every note for you. just sit back and watch. what a way to live