Seven Days Of Samsara - The Truth lyrics

Question the answers that theyve forced down your throat for so fucking long. were not in kansas anymore. this problems too great to be ignored. bring it back to the monkey trial. youll make monkeys out of us all. what about the children? think about the children? i know youve said that before. youre the proof that some of us have evolved. you cant stop this wind from blowing. you cant stop this rain from falling. you cant stop this sun from rising. never stop attacking. an attack on everything you stand for. an attack on all that you believe. an attack for all those who will suffer. an attack against the knowledge thief. im not burning a cross. KANSAS NO LONGER REQUIRES THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION IN SCHOOL. TEACHERS MAY STILL CHOOSE TO TEACH IT, BUT I GUESS CREATIONISM IS THE OFFICIAL STANCE OF THE STATE. THE FIRST TIME WE EVER PLAYED THIS SONG LIVE AN OLDER MAN WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM IN DISGUST AS I EXPLAINED THE LYRICS. I THINK HE TOOK IT AS AN ATTACK ON CHRISTIANITY OR PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM. IT ISNT. I JUST BELIEVE THAT THE STATE OF KANSAS AND THE KIDS WHO ARE BEING RAISED THERE ARE BEING CHEATED.