Seve Vs Evan - Lady Lady lyrics

Leave it to chance, leave it to fate

Find it encoded before it can detonate

She was fraud said I was a geek

Said I'd never make it until I got more chic'

Killing is fun [yeah!] I've got a gun [bam!]

I'm trying to catch the mysterious lady bug

She is the stuff, she thinks I am neat

I think she is hot cause' she played on the science team


Lady Lady, please Oh please

I'm begging you to just smile at me

Oh Lady Lady, if you're the one

Then take my hand and let's run, run, run, run

You can fake it if you wanna, but you're never going to find it,

Cause' the places that you're looking the sun's hardly ever shining,

It'll take a little longer, like a tub of old molasses,

But I'll sail until I find you the lost city of Atlantis

So let's go

Make it to France, buy some cologne

Then go hang out just outside of the Eiffel

Put out the vibe, karate chop at the sky

Ask for her e-mail then chat with her online

Dinner at 8, try not to be late

I'll brag to my friends that I've found a new candidate

A table for one [uh-uh] Table for two [uh-huh]

She's coming over right after the model shoot