Set It Straight - Ground Zero lyrics

It's time to read between the lines, to the meaning. Open your fucking eyes. We are at war, and the battleground is familiar turf, but it all boils down to awareness. We can change our fate, I know it's not too late. Catchy slogans, and shiny things to keep dissenting beings vegetative, easy to maintain. Never counting on the fact it's our heart and minds to fight back… am I the only one who's sane? Scratch the surface and you'll see… it's US policy to regiment the public mind. Distract attention, make the tired blind, and they won't know who to trust. Words abound like an empty sound. Sedated masses won't try to fight. Propaganda, and inane rhetoric to keep us apathetic, distracted, easy to control. Never factoring the fact, it's in our hearts and minds to fight back, ground zero is within us all. Their answer's not for me… the tired philosophy of bland futility. It's the next evolution. And intellectual revolution. I know that it can start today. We'll stand as one, we'll be the voice. We know that we all have a choice, and it starts right here