Serrated Skull - Eternal Nightmares lyrics

When night begins
I start to hide
I lock my doors, I grab my knife
Haunting shadows from behind
Leave dark traces in my mind

Eternal nightmares scar my soul
I try to run
Nowhere to go
I take a look into my past
Eternal nightmares are here to last

While walking down the shaded path
I hear an evil, haunting laugh
I turn to look but no one's there
I tell you this, though you don't care

Soon the days pass and I forget
Of all the nightmares and how they went
But soon my mind is shocked again
As all the nightmares repeat my sins

Twisting, turning, my mind's in fright
And now I see no chance of light
I hear the whisper of the wind
All the nightmares start back again

Eternal nightmares in my past
Why do these dreams have to last
I take this knife and slash my wrist
I take my life, it's over with