Serius Jones - Finish Em (2010)

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Serius Jones - Finish Em lyrics

I know you’ve seen that shit
I feel bad ‘cause these niggas lookin homeless
They off mine if got your own bed
But you want to battle
Got it up (finish em), start it up (finish em)
We don’t do losers all i know is winning…
my heart way stronga than an engine
If you want a problem,
Start it up(finish em), start it up(finish em),
Start it up.

Man it’s sad, but it’s funny
how niggas so hungry that the run up on me so bummy
try to steal the shine from me
I live em like mummy, yeahh
Rap em up have niggas have sum bud is you smokin
crack or what

I don’t know what I do
You pay can find out
I’ve been on the sky route
Flyin’ in, flyin’ out
Ask the bread manager you know the im bout
Do you understand the math that come out of my count

Shout to the bitches, listen in is missing me
I’ve been to Paris, Germany, Italy
Shooting movies surrounded by cuties all on a roll
what you think I’m bullshittin you got youtube on your phone

Can walk in my shoes, but you can tell that im jellin
And have .. in my girl ..
….don’t hate this battle
‘cause I’m busy LOLin
I’m the shit that you can smell it, tell em
The breath that you .. it,
My niggers do the ..,
I’m a fellow with a sense of humor
I’m gonna scream ..rumors
And now I think I’m big ..
I got my own shoes, my …
It’s over ..if you wonder ..
Some people call it ..I call it over
I fuck it baby, my mummy watch it’s dollars ..
I kill and I’m in explorer
I’ve got a whole lot of friends
But I need more supporters
Slimm niggers, we’re biggest when I’m fat like
Sleeping in normal you bug in
And I hope you ….fresh night
...ohhh that’s nice
That’s another story ..I saw …by fourty ..on the corner
Would it run in no ...
..Miami ..I’m blowing up money ..
…my movie get …on a six million fifty two thousand, couple hundred in twenty two and squeeze
That’s why listen like old the shit, man

I feel bad ‘cause niggers love homeless
They all mine if got your own bed
But you want to battle
Got it up (finish em), start it up (finish em)
We don’t do losers

And my heart .. in the engine
If you want to start it (finish em),
Start it up (finish em), start it up(finish em)

Hey man, I try to say you, it’s just not a good idea to follow me man, see, you know,
It’s interesting, because I respect the law.