Serge Devant - Addicted lyrics (Chinese translation). | You came to me 
, Was like a dream
, But maybe it's time I let you go
, It's all on me 
, Can I find...
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Serge Devant - Addicted (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You came to me
ZH: 你来找我

EN: Was like a dream
ZH: 就像一场梦

EN: But maybe it's time I let you go
ZH: 但也许是我让你走的时候

EN: It's all on me
ZH: 它是所有关于我

EN: Can I find it inside
ZH: 可以找到它里面吗

EN: And feel that fire burn in my eye
ZH: 感觉在我的眼中燃烧的火

EN: Can I give you up
ZH: 我可以给你吗

EN: Can I come back down
ZH: 我可以回来

EN: Gotta get you out of my head(repeat)
ZH: 先让你把我的 head(repeat)

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: And I wonder why
ZH: 我想知道为什么

EN: I'm addicted to love
ZH: 我沉迷爱

EN: One day I will run away from you and this is love(repeat)
ZH: 有一天我会逃跑,从你和这是 love(repeat)