Seraphs Coal - Ode To The Drunk (Who Split My Head Apart) lyrics

Take a look at yourself
You're drunken state's a big mistake
And your brain is now in disconnect
And people they loose all respect
For your actions are not controlled from your heart
But from the bottle in your hand
That split my head apart
Revenge, not on my mind
Just the answers I hope you'll find
For I forgive you like He forgave me
For He lives in me
So don't wait until the end to find out
That it's to late my friend
Just accept what He has done
Through Christ His Son
When will you see
It's not the way we're created to be
You sacrifice your life
For violence, drunkenness and strife
You're wrong, I'm wrong
That's why I wrote this song
When will you see (true) unity
We can all live in harmony.