Separated - Tortured Soul lyrics

You're overdrawn.
And so forsaken.
Speak up now, my Betrayer.
In your endless lust, keep your eyes away from Me.
Melted down, I hold no place for you.

I tried to teach you before this came true.
Though you fall down before me now, I must damn you.
Your life ain't ending.
But I can't keep pretending.
Nothing's going to be ok.
And I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't change your mistake.

You stand alone.
Now I can't save you.
The story's told, you don't hear what I say.
Crying, "Lead him from this place!
Into the cage, put all the chains upon his soul!
His soul. Your soul."

Hear the crying.
Never dying.
I can't silence the sreaming of a tortured soul in vain.
Still they won't stop trying.
Won't stop lying.
I can't fade away, can't fade it away.

Copyright 2002 Chris Wilson
All Rights Reserved