Seed Of Pain - What's Right lyrics

"It's forbidden to ask questions. There's no permission for failing twice we don't need no hesitation. It's our job to get things right - so what's right? We did not invite you, we don't want you here. We won't change our minds, in fact we won't change at all." So, what's right? Constant fear of everything? Modern times don't do us well, it's communication overkill. Opinions shaped by media, our fear misused by politicians and as the days go by, we face another lie we're not free and we're in fear. Confusion and emptiness surrounding us, are we just to blind to see that's not right. Constant fear of everything. There is no reason for your fear. I can't see through, I can't understand. Boarders between families a second chance, nothing more and nothing less. The clash of our civilization in front of your eyes. Do you even know, what a civilization is about?