Section 8 - Anesthetics lyrics

Patient: I'm pretty careful about not getting caught now.
Psychiatrist: uh huh
Patient: I've learned a lot of pain. Good pain
Patient: pins and needles.
Psychiatrist: needles?
Patient: that's what they call that thing with the needles.
Psychiatrist: what kind of needles?
Patient: it makes it pretty easy. I've learned how to be careful.
Psychiatrist: uh huh
Patient: people are the hardest things
Psychiatrist: (laughs) I understand.
Patient: when I see people together they don't talk.
Psychiatrist: really
Patient: they don't say what they mean
Psychiatrist: right
Patient: then they...they have the stuff
Psychiatrist: (laughs)
Patient: And I want it.
Patient: (unintelligible)
Patient: maybe someday I'll get to do it with someone.
Patient: with a lady, without the blood.
Patient: Just do it with someone. Together.
Psychiatrist: (laughs)