Secret Army - War Economy lyrics

Austerity is at its peak, it’s really hard to live like this
In this war economy

It’s hard to put food on the plate, there has to be some way to end
All this misery

A war is going on,
within rented and public houses
See some trenches in the dole office
and the casualties waiting in line
the rich man puts a boot on my throat
but for me it is invisible
‘cause they are getting richer while we are getting poorer
Here in the killing zone

Everyday is just the same, you try to get a life and then
Just find total agony

Exploited in a crappy job, to pay a rent you can’t afford
What an irony

‘cause they keep telling us that we decide
How they run this country but you cannot decide
About all that precariousness caused by all those corporate crooks
The bombs are falling down on our neighbourhoods
And we got no artillery
An invisible war makes a drama invisible
for those that are not in the front

Living in a war economy