Secret Army - Flexhead lyrics

Pick the dole money up for another month
He and his friends have no place to go
Small town living, Gangland pride
Rock'n'Roll will save his soul tonight

Where there are broken dreams you have punks and skins
Ready to fight to get what they need
Alcohol weekends, do something, have fun
Dead Eastern cities coming to life

'Cause he's a flexhead
and he doesn't care
He's a flexhead
Tonight he's gonna drink with his friends

When he was a child he wanted to be cool
Painting a third stripe on his football shoes
Now he is older everything has changed
but ain't still nothing for those who are here

There's a party going on and it's cold outside
The stereo blasts a tune and he feels alright
The snow is falling, the world is falling apart
He and the boys will never give up