Secret Army - Fired In Christmas lyrics

Walking down the blinking lights
It's kinda cold today
Well, around here it never snows but it's Christmas time again
I go downtown to see my mates tonight I'm gonna get drunk
It was my last day at job cause I've been fired in Christmas

The boss took me to his office and he told me here it goes son
The company has been sold and half the lot have to go
So here I am with a check in my hand going down the bar
With a silly smile on my face, I'm gonna get drunk tonight

I step into the bar all my mates are there, everybody's happy and drunk
I order a beer, then two, then three and I start to feel alright
One our later I'm drunk as hell, we toast to crappy jobs
Happy fucking Christmas to everyone we are gonna burn this city tonight

And the girl at the front catches my eye
I ask her for a kiss and she gives me a smack
And all around me everybody smiles
Alcohol has taken me to the promised land
Tomorrow I'll wake up alone again
With hammers striking my head

Life is just a cruel joke
Boy you gotta get a new job

Oh, yeah...I've been fired in Christmas