Secret Army - Dare lyrics

I'm waiting for that filthy bus to cross the long long tunnel
that separates the city from the place where I live
The kids right there have jewels but no money in their pockets
4 A.M BCN feels so fucking lonely

Saving ways and dole days, some new fears and some new faces
My life is like a bullet so watch out where I aim
Last night went to see One Blood sound to get some dancehall
Iñaki and I were dreaming awake on the beach today.

I know these memories won't last forever
They'll never know what it means to be young
Everybody wants something but they're afraid to pay the price
Will you dare when the others just hide?

Will you stand with me when the sky is gray?
When the storm is near?
When the odds are bad?
Will you fly in freedom just being yourself?

Will you set the rules or just follow them?
Will you be a sheep just like all the rest?

I want to fly in freedom by myself.