Secret Army - Bitterboy’s Ballad lyrics

He went far from home to stand on his own
His fists would talk for him
When he was back the challenge was done
He dragged that Thai to the ground

Then he felt weird 'cause he firmly believed
That the world had no more chances
He feels alone in a dumb odd world
That has nothing to offer

He beats the blues with shots of booze
So bring here that bottle of whisky
He feeds his soul with reggae tunes
While his feet stomp the dancefloor

For this good fellow has lost his faith
So he has tons of heart to offer
Let's hope the world respects its new foe
Or someone will be in trouble

He respects few and fears no one
He knows life'll try to beat him up
His bruises will be nothing but just triffles
In the end the Bitter Boy
Will hang in there hoarding the joy
Of smashing down the arrogance of this fucking world

He doesn't care but he should know well
That some day the tables will turn
He'll grab the world by the balls
And will make it promise

That his family and friends will be OK
If something bad ever happened
Hey Bitter Boy, here come more blows
But we'll stand here to stop them