Second Thief - Monument lyrics

listen to me brothers
this is a proclamation.

mark the words of this prophet
the filth of this nation has risen
as a monument of filth
and it shall be no more.

what you now hear is not a threat
but it is a promise.

raise your hands to the sky
if we fall we die.

lend me your ears.
if you do not stop committing
these atrocities before the Lord
your daughters will be raped
your sisters killed and your sons slain

the blood of your own sons
will be on your head
and this is not just the beginning
you will beg for the end but
you have just begun to awaken
the Lord's wrath.

i'm sorry
but you know what you have done
and when the Lord is through
your own mother wont even recognize you.

so fall on your knees before the Lord
and repent.