Second Chance - See You Soon lyrics

I felt a hole in my chest today
I felt like my heart wasn’t there
I started looking everywhere
But I couldn’t find it and you weren’t there
I said it once and I’ll say it again
I don’t care about anything else
I just want to see you
Even if it kills me when you’re gone

And I will put you in a bulletproof crystal box
Where nothing can ever harm you
Let’s close the windows for a while
I just want you by my side
And I’ll see you soon
Baby I’ll see you soon

Under my bed, under my neck,
Under my soul I looked
I looked
Now I remember it was you
I gave my heart to you

Now I remember
That it was you whom I gave my heart to
Some time ago
My chest felt full once again
And I felt better, I felt happy, I felt strong

Because I knew
That my heart was in the right place