Sean Slaughter - Narrow lyrics

[Verse 1:]
My prayer closet is full of dead bones of skeletons
Ill wills, broken promises, hatred is my medicine
My flesh dirty, voices in my head talking 7-30
Foul visions keep my conscious prisoned, I'm the adversary
Man it ain't all good, push me to far couzin' see all hood
Crack like ball bats, smacking balls all wood
But, I'm a worshiper, I spit the truth to murderers
The focus on eternal love, yet I fit the bloody glove
The broken arrow, trying to walk a path crazy narrow
Trying to see the Christ, all I see right now, hazy shadows
Plus my kicks, muddy, from the detours of my flesh man
Thought I was the best man, kid I'm just a freshman
Stay locked, on this narrow path, ain't no bus stops
Street cops, weed spots, vendors selling freeze pops
It's the path of the fire, the walk of the flame
Don't walk it in vain, my cleat marks in victory lane

This is the road that we walk, this is the flame that we spark
This is my shot in the dark, this is narrow
This is the foreigners land, this is the covenant plan
This is the blood on my hand, this is narrow
This is my final cry, this means ya world is a lie
This is the live it or die, this is narrow
This is the path of the scarred, this is the pulling ya card
This is the wrath of the God, this is narrow

[Verse 2:]
Kid I'm walking checking cracks for eternal destiny
This armor of God sweating me, stormy weather be wetting me
My map is spiritual, my diet, prophet, prayer and hymnals
I talk to God continual without hearing a decibel
I'm lost kid, can't poly now with the rest of you
God I'm stressing you cause I'm a leader I'm impressionable
And every step I take, streets is watching for the self destruction
Gain reduction, every life I'm touching someone's teeth is sucking
Like I care, I was into grabbing hair and lapping bear
Christ called me hear, so I serve him like a concierge
With all the strength in my frame, the flip side of tame
Folks wanna flip me the bird, flip him his name
This is the raw, when truth hits it sours ya jaw
Seen that before, ya love to sin and scouting for more
Brush off my word, up in the club shouting to songs
I just hope it's not ya blood next that showers the floor

[Chorus 2:]
Roll, roll, roll, watch me now, stories
Told, told, told, don't follow Christ then ya
Fold, fold, fold, been through the fire now I'm
Gold, gold, gold, follow me [x2]