Sean Price - Street Shit (2010)

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Sean Price - Street Shit lyrics

Listen, yo

You can bop to the beat bitch, hop on my meat quick
Hop off, pop off, Ruck on some street shit
Corny as hell, y'all motherfuckers bore me as well
Listen up I got a story to tell, listen, nigga
Creep clutch fifth, heat bust quick
You die, I laugh, street jus-tice
When I set it off, I set it God
I want his chain, watch, car keys and credit card
Shop with a gun then shank with a knife
Catch a hollow, take your Movado, I'm a gangster for life
No Spanish, no Reggaeton
I do damage, heavy when the Desi blown
Pom pom! Shit get ugly
Day and night we sell dope label it Kid Cudi
Coke habits, deviated septums
Broke ratchets, depreciated weapons
Uhh, pull your vest out now
Say Sean is the best out now, motherfucker
Listen, I am the truth hoe
Money stack so tall when I ball, Manute Bol
P!! Knahmean? Yeah

You can bop to the beat bitch, hop on my meat quick