Sean Nelson - The World Owes Me A Living (And I Intend To Collect) lyrics

Nobody listens very well
They only want to tell you when you're being self-destructive
Nobody understands the pressure you're under
No wonder why you aren't more productive

Never had the means or wherewithal
To try and break your dying fall
Never had the energy or nerve
To give a full accounting of what you don't deserve

Nobody listens very much
Or seems to want to touch you when your body needs it most
Nobody seems to make provisions
For when their bad decisions come around and haunt them

Never had the time or the inclination to
Accept an invitation to wave somebody's flag
Bet then again
I never had a friend who was such a goner
And it would be an honor if it wasn't such a drag

Nobody listens very carefully
Nobody's ever there for me
(Not even when they try to be)
Nobody listens very closely
Except to diagnose me
Second guess and pre-suppose me
Adios, mi corazon

Never had an angle for to play
Never got out of your own way
Even for the sake's of argument
But never for a minute did your heart stop being in it
If you win it costs you nothing
If you lose it's something different