Sean Nelson - Hey, Millicent lyrics

Hey, Millicent
You're very arrogant
I hope you know me well enough to know
I mean that as a compliment
You are indifferent to me
And that's no way to be
I hope you will agree
Oh, Millicent
You're so magnificent that I could cry

Hey, Millicent
No one is innocent
End the president of theses United States
Is devising his own monument
We must be vigilant, my sweet
In the face of sure defeat
I march on to the steady beat of
Millicent, I'm just an instrument
You are the song

Making out in public places, oh
Transforming urban spaces, oh
Millicent, state your intent if you wanna be adored
I'm in touch with my feminine side
Millicent, can I please get in touch with yours?

Hey, Millicent:
It was no accident
The love we have was predetermined
That's a truth I hold to be self-evident
You seem ambivalent
We had an argument
I was not what I meant
I did not represent
Oh Millicent, there's no equivalent
You're like a fingerprint
I wonder where you went...