Sean Na Na - I Need A Girl lyrics

I need a sugar mommy to pay for me
Cause these days I'm just not earning my keep
Except for where I sleep

I need a live-in nurse to take care of me
Cause lately I just can't seem to keep my nose clean
It's so disparaging

I need a sexy shrink like I see on TV
To fix my head and let her hair down and give it to me
A little fantasy

All you married women are a treasure to me
I know I shouldn't take the fruit from your tree
But you're still daunting

I need a New Wave girl to dance with me
And curl up on the couch while I pull DJ duty
Adam Ant Is Spinning

I need a family girl who listens to me
To mould my commitment issues like silly putty
Into monogamy

I need an older woman who's at her peak
To ease the pressure of the task that stands before me
Have a smoke and then leave

I need a girl who's all these things to some degree
Or I will never be truly happy
Somewhere she's waiting for me
Oh yes, she's waiting for me
Waiting for me