Seachange - Midsummer Fires lyrics

Stood on a bridge up east on the county borderline
You struck me dumb with words you had no right to know
Throw your voice
Lip-read read the rest
I could get lost and fall behind
What was that you said
Under your breath about a boy...

If you want me, don't be late
I'm not leaving, but I won't stay
Keeping distance out of site
I won't watch you waste away
You don't ask much, you don't ask twice
You don't ask the feelings you hold inside
If you want me don't be late..

Out in the hills we'll run and run till we fall down
Grass moves across your skin and 6 years fall away
You used to thrown coins in for luck in the well
At the mill burnt down now
You said everything seems smaller now


In the meantime

All the honey here for me
Lavender vervaine apple tree
Midsummer fires are all the rage
Burns through the night keeps them away