Seabird - Wings lyrics

They told her for so long,

That she was always wrong.

Kicked out and laughed at.

Held down and looked down on.

She opened the car,

And drove far from home.

She left all her things,

To start a new beginning.

They said you wouldn't make it,

Make it on your own.

But look at you know, love.

My God, how you've grown.

With angels on your left side,

And Christ on your right.

We stood up for you,

When you were too weak to fight.

I can see you want to say,

"I told you so".

It's too late for that,

But I want you to know I love you so.

And this cage was always too small for me,

I had to go.

Your heart was so cold,

But I want you to know that I love you so.

The heartbreak is over,

The best is yet to come.

And now that we're older,

There's nothing left to run from.

They saw your strength for the first time,

And couldn't say a word.

You sang like the angels,

Like none we've ever heard.

Sad, now that she's gone.

They just wanna hear her song.

Mad that she was right,

Family wants to pick a fight with me.

For telling her to leave,

To spread her broken wings and try,

To fly away.

Fly away.

Come on, fly away.

Fly away.

Come on, fly away.

Fly away.

Come on, fly away.

Fly away.