Sea Of Treachery - A Lifetime Ago lyrics

Crushed by the agony of a silent oppression, cold sweat envelops me as I gasp for breath.
Each of these trackmarks tells its own horror story; my hands are shaking, I haven't slept in days.
There's no denial, I know what waits for me.
The calming hand of death is almost in reach.
There is no promise.
There is no future.
Dry your eyes, you know we'll never tell, and if this secret was so hard to keep we would fall.
I have no option, I'll throw it all away.
I've sold my soul; I've lost my mind.
There's noone I can turn to, in whom to confide.
My ghost confronts me and I can't look away.
Look at what I've become, a shell of a man.
My desperation signals my untimely end.
The thought of staying painless is all I have left