Scream Silence - Creed lyrics (Chinese translation). | endearing poems of you
, will wipe my faults away
, your gently caress can
, disarm my doubts of...
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Scream Silence - Creed (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: endearing poems of you
ZH: 惹人喜爱诗歌的你

EN: will wipe my faults away
ZH: 会抹去我的缺点

EN: your gently caress can
ZH: 你轻轻地爱抚可以

EN: disarm my doubts of faith
ZH: 解除我的疑惑的信仰

EN: and while you elsewhere fuse
ZH: 当你在其他地方保险丝

EN: in nameless loathsome tales
ZH: 在无名令人憎恶的故事

EN: i plead for twilight come
ZH: 我为暮光之城来求情

EN: that brings me back my maid
ZH: 这使我回我的女仆

EN: :|| forever and ever
ZH: :||永永远远

EN: enslaved by your heart
ZH: 你的心被奴役

EN: forever my destiny
ZH: 永远是我的命运

EN: and sometimes
ZH: 有时

EN: they try to tear us apart
ZH: 他们试图将我们撕裂

EN: but never they break our creed
ZH: 但他们从来没有打破我们的信条