Scram Jones - Back In The Park (2011)

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Scram Jones - Back In The Park lyrics

Jump higher, jump higher, rock it up
And if you love hip hop you know you gotta
Jump higher, jump higher
And if she got a fat ass you know you gotta
Jump higher, jump higher

Hey yo, why you … in the Bronx by the building
Now smoking legal weed, Montell Williams
…dealing, know I’m grabbing the pot
Scram the artist, I’m rapping the smart
… club, spinning records for my …
So keep my needles clean and my …
Tell me there’s no smoking allowed but I keep piffing
Smoking allowed, Steve Rifkin
I’m in the kitchen with a …
Already got a buyer, all my records is official, I’m … McGuire
I stay driven that’s probably why I got a driver
And I sleep standing up, no I’m not a liar
… new york number one was jogging in the winner
Now it’s time for my summer run
Could have done it quicker but I didn’t wanna jump the gun
Don’t gotta be a sniffer but you need to go of bump this one
Call me the great white coke
I’m 3 times dough without the die size slow
It’s got side … could leave your hi 5 broke
Make your eye caught smoke, dog I ain’t no joke
And I’m never gonna turn mature
In this suburban drinking bourbon through a curly straw
I be shuffling since … hustling sling a five from a birdy store
I rock the house no jersey shore, but skip a house I had to bounce to the 13th floor
Try to be an artist but I never learned to draw
But I learned to win the game know I gotta be the first to score
It’s just a matter of time when …the track and the rhyme
It’s just a ladder to climb
You just rap and decline, you can’t … in the grind
With this passion of mine, the stars have to align
Have to remind, …catch to be lie, have to rewind
But in fact I find these raps out in the back of my mind
Last on my mind, so only got half of the shine
Ask if I’m pissed at all and I’ma …
You cut from a different cloth, cut show a triple force
I use my mind overseas, I’m gonna win this …
Stay where the music out, while you take a …nap
…setting up the booby trap
I’m throwing rappers in the frying pan
Rap till I’m blue in the face like a giants fan
Need some cheese might have to go supply a grand
Stuff flipping more ease than an eye exam
But I’d rather put out heat, fire man
Make some bread off the web, spider man
But I’m stuck in the stone age, dino den
With no tan I keep a ghost face, iron man
But …these mics I keep on burning
I don’t give a fuck like a hooker that’s a virgin
A dj, to cut off like a surgeon.