Scott Roley - Mansion Of Opinion lyrics

Young girl puts her make up on heavy acting like a model in her dreams
Young boy tuning up his Chevy praying that he never gets beat
Careful that he never gets beat

Young man working in an office hoping he’s promoted to the top
Young mother rocking her cradle waiting for the crying to stop
Praying that the crying just stops

The church is fast asleep
In a mansion of opinion high above the streets
The church is loosing heart
In a mansion of opinion that tears her apart

The church will meet the need
When the mansion of opinion comes down to the street
The church will find her heart
When the mansion of opinion simply falls apart

Young doctor looking for the answer all he does is give some advice
Young patient dying from the cancer fearful that she didn’t live right
Figures that she never lived right

Old couple strolling through a garden wonder how they ever survived
Young soldier walking in a jungle looking for a reason to fight
Searching for the reason to fight

Why are we so afraid to love
The first step comes by waking up

Old judge renders his decision knowing it reflects the modern way
Young lawyer prosecutes religion telling us the places we can pray
Pointing to the places we can pray

Old monk strapping on the sandals figures he’s just putting in his time
Young Christian blowing out the candle can’t control the lust that’s in his mind
Can’t control the evil in his mind