Scott Lucas & The Married Men - Crosshairs lyrics

Memories are distant, they flame out in an instant
I think of you and I when we began
Said this before but I finally understand
You've got to want to be a man

Glory, it fades fast, does this ever really last?
I think I know I shouldn't have to ask
The ball is overtime to take off the mask
Only hope I'm equal to the task

Just once before you go
Tell me all the things you think you'll need to know
Yeah, I lie in hope
That I am in the cross hairs of your scope

Time we're told is fleeting and we all take a beating
There's no way to get through life alive
Been dead before only to be revived
There's no way to know how we survive

Sorrow can be forever and there are those who never
Ever dig their way out to the light
Sometimes the blind seem to regain their sight
And some just lose their will to fight

Just once before you leave
Tell me all the things you think you'll need from me
Yeah, I lie in wait
If I get another shot I won't hesitate

Your sweet heart is tender and I hope you'll remember
This vision I have of you is gold
We all have our visions and then the fires, they grow cold
I want to be the one to watch you grow old

This vision that I have of you is gold