Scott Krippayne - Voyage lyrics

Just off the shore of my everyday life
Only a heartbeat away
Adventure is pulling up anchor tonight
I've got no time to delay

Oh, west is how everyday ends
Oh, a new dawn is calling again

I want to sail
Into the sunrise
Right to the edge of the new
Way beyond me, out 'cross the sea
Into a beautiful truth
A journey awaits
Incredible stories
I'll live to tell you the tales
I want to know
I want to go
I want to sail

Battles and voyages, open your eyes
Dragons aren't all that they seem
When you're the hero and you're in the fight
You write the end of the scene

Oh, tell me what spell must I break
Oh, I want my soul wide awake

Repeat Chorus

Right through waves of my fear
(I want to sail)
Out where the waters run clear

Repeat Chorus