Scissors For Lefty - Softly The Seas Swallows The Sun lyrics

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Me
Sink your teeth in
Tearing out my insides,
Tear 'em out, Tear 'em out

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Me
Circling me with your fin
I come to you like a billboard
Here is my schtick

Great White Murderer Murder Me
Mister lucky lucky surf the earth
Now rests in pieces (peace is)....a great white smile

Why don't ya

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Me
Do you think that you can
Maybe another will kill me instead

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill Me
Don't just jerk me around
Put me inside, or leave me for dead

Great White Murderer
Murer Me, Everybody is scared of you
But then, there is me

Enter at my own risk,
I don't belong they say
She will murder me
Trespass I will chill
The girl she's more than a thrill
But do, belong, belong, belong

Why don't ya??