School For Heroes - The Green Room lyrics

This room
The one that lets me hide
These Scars that plague me
Will wash themselves away
Push now, your grin will lie to you
Push me, my face will suit you well
Asphalt numbs my frown
This wall
It's the one that hates me
It shows the things
That have left me reeling
Slide back, your eyes to save yourself
See this, the grin you've had so long
Empty your thoughts in vain
You've laughed at yourself for too long
Hide my nails
These words are not mine at all
This time will own me through
I lean outward
Lean out
I fall into
This mess that I've made for myself
Echoes fade like days
As the words I've left turn me back
If these thoughts will die
The tide will sift
This bridge
It's the one that leads me back
The time has come to see paper burn
Back turned. I face the will that wasn't
Eyes closed. I walk this plank I've made
See these tears once gone
Laugh As the crumbled bridge falls
Smile as you pull the pin