Schiller - Breathe (feat. September) (2009)

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Schiller - Breathe (feat. September) lyrics

i need a vision, a straight line back to you
just give me a reason to do what lovers do
i need to know you, don’t say i ever did
and if i can’t hold you, it’s time to set me free

i can’t breathe, my love
i’m swimming in the dark beside you
came here to find a friend
but you got me lost again
i can’t breathe my love
been following the path behind you
but somehow i’m lost again
is this the bitter end, for us

you could have been sunlight to my
reflecting moon
i’d warm your december, you’d keep me cool
in june
we should have kept flying, our eyes on the distant sky
but we went and landed, where feelings
come to die

i can’t breathe, my love