Schiller - Breathe (feat. September) (2009)

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Schiller - Breathe (feat. September) lyrics

I need a vision
a straight light back to you
Just give me a reason
to do what lovers do
I need to know you
Don't say you ever did..
And if I can hold you,
it's time to set me free .. x3

Chorus :
I can't breathe, my love
I'm swelling in the dark beside you
Can you just find a friend,
but you got me lost again ..
I can't breathe, my love
I'm falling in the pad behind you
but somehow I'm lost again ..
Is this the bitter end.. for us ..

You could have been sunlight
to my reflecting bloom
I worm like December,
you keep me cool in June.

We should've get love
and why is this distant sky ..
I am willing to land it
Our feelings come to die .. x2

chorus : ..