Scent Of Flesh - Valor In Hatred lyrics

Stride my hordes
To the battlefields
Sharpen your swords
Polish your shields
Death lurks upon the enemy
As we march towards victory
Screams of pain and the agony
Echoes through all eternity
Insane diabolical thrill
All we need is another kill

Bloodlust rising
With madness it fills our minds
Behold again the great red flood
It is the stream of victims blood
This is the order in a world of hate
They who kill more will dominate
Again we hear the battlecry
Those who are weak deserve to die
Unleash your wrath against the enemy
Kill all you want and more will bleed

No mercy
Spill the blood
Make them die

Dawn of new war
Nothing is sacred
No rules, no laws
Valor in hatred