Scarve - Rebirth lyrics

Questions poisoning my drive
Angst straight on its murder-course
Can't refrain from emptiness
Keeps on seeping through my pores

Don't belong, never have
No way to claim who I am
Failed once, never again
No way to ease this suffering

Down below where light is dim
I am cornered by my fear
Never seem to get a grasp
Distance what I hold so dear
Have no choice but to return
To this place of broken dreams
Push my soul towards the edge
Face myself as darkness beams

Died here time and time again
Wreated evil paved the way
After all that we've survived
Could you have me lead astray?

No place where I can just let it die

Don't set your foot in here
You don't belong here
Cavity becoming me
Don't set foot here
Don't belong