Scarface - Never Seen A Man Cry lyrics (Chinese translation). | so what you gonna do when you get outta' here cat da'
, Face: I don't know, tryin' to live it one...
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Scarface - Never Seen A Man Cry (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: so what you gonna do when you get outta' here cat da'
ZH: 所以你去做当你离开 ' 在这里猫咪 da'

EN: Face: I don't know, tryin' to live it one day at a time you know
ZH: 脸上: 我不知道,想要活这一次你知道一天

EN: (cough,cough)I here you talkin' man, live it one day at a time it ain't nothin' but a thang tho bro'
ZH: 咳咳)我在这里你说话的人,活它一天一次它没什么只升芹苴兄弟 '

EN: Face: Yeah, I here you fool well let me get up outta here my ride out here waitin' for me
ZH: 脸上: 是的我在这里你傻瓜好让我赶快离开这儿我坐在这里等着我出去

EN: A'ight catty take it easy baby
ZH: 去修斤把它易于宝宝

EN: Face: Stay up fool
ZH: 脸: 逗留了傻瓜

EN: Verse 1:
ZH: 第 1 节:

EN: He greets his father with his hands up
ZH: 他招呼他的父亲用他的双手向上

EN: Rehabilitated slightly, glad to be the mans child
ZH: 稍有恢复,高兴是勒芒儿童

EN: The world is different since he seen it last
ZH: 世界是不同的自他见它最后

EN: Outta jail been seven years and he's happy that he's free at last
ZH: 离开监狱已经七年了,他的快乐他最后是免费

EN: All he had was his mother's letters
ZH: 他是他母亲的信

EN: Now he's mobile and he's gotta make a changed and make it for the better
ZH: 现在他是移动,他是得作出更改并使其更好

EN: But he's black so he's got one strike against him
ZH: 但他是黑色的所以他对他的一个打击

EN: And he's young plus he came up in the system
ZH: 他还年轻,加上他想出了在系统中

EN: But he's smart and he's finally makin' eighteen
ZH: 但他很聪明,他终于要十八岁

EN: And his goal's to get on top and try to stay clean
ZH: 他的目标是在上面,试着保持清洁

EN: So he's callin' up his homie who done came up
ZH: 所以他是叫他兄弟做出来了

EN: Livin' lavish now they dealin' wit' the same stuff
ZH: 生活奢华现在他们告密的机智的 ' 是同样的东西

EN: And had that attitude that who he was was worth man
ZH: 有这种态度,他是那个人值得

EN: And with that fucked up attitude he killed his first man
ZH: 与那搞砸了他杀了他的第一人的态度

EN: Now its different he done did dirt
ZH: 现在他做做其不同污垢

EN: And realized killin' men meant comin' up
ZH: 和实现杀人男子意味着长大的

EN: But it still hurt
ZH: 但它仍然伤害

EN: And can't nobody change this
ZH: 没有人不能改变这

EN: It's 1994 and we up against the same shit
ZH: 它的 1994年和我们面对同样的屁话

EN: I never understood why
ZH: 我一直不明白为什么

EN: I could never see a man cry
ZH: 我从来没有看到男人哭泣

EN: Until I see a man die
ZH: 直到我看到一个人死

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: Face: A man cry
ZH: 脸: 男人哭泣

EN: Verse 2:
ZH: 第 2 节:

EN: Imagine life at its full peak
ZH: 想象一下生活在其完整的高峰期

EN: Then imagine lyin' dead in the arms of your enemy
ZH: 然后想象躺 ' 死在你的敌人的武器

EN: Imagine peace on this earth where there's no grief
ZH: 想象一下这地球上的和平那里有没有悲伤

EN: Imagine grief on this earth where there's no peace
ZH: 想象一下在这地球上的悲伤那里有没有和平

EN: Everybody's got a different way of endin' it
ZH: 每个人都有不同的 endin' 它方式

EN: And when your n
ZH: 当你 n