Scared Of Chaka - Come On Look Out lyrics

You used to call me sweetheart and you'd always be true
Always made me feel good about the things that i'd do
You never ever cheated and you never ever lied
Got one more lesson i wont teach you
Now everything is like a goddamn frustrating mess
And where you end up every night you're making me guess
I'll only tell you once before i walk out that door
Got one more chance to let me reach you
Remember how you couldnt wait for me to come home
I'd have to be retarded now to leave you alone
They say you always tear apart the things you love most
Is that the reason i'm in peices?
I'm through with you-you only wanna do what you please
You're only happy when you've got me down on my knees
No more wine and roses no more breakfast in bed
Your stupid threats are empty teases